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arctic wolf photo

Arctic Wolf pic by- Dave Mech

Welcome:To Arctic Wolf-A Fight For Survival

Site Summary: This site is dedicated to the arctic wolf (canis lupus arctos),also known as white wolf and polar wolf.Facts on white wolves,climate information and population statistics are listed.

*Arctic Climate Facts*

Winter temperatures vary from minus twenty degrees to minus sixty degrees.With bone chilling temperatures and very strong winds.

Summer temperatures vary from minus ten degrees to plus thirty degrees in some areas.Lower temperatures are in Alaska,Eastern Arctic,Canada,Siberia and Greenland.

To top it off these precious animals must tolerate five months of total darkness & freezing cold temperatures.

The arctic wolf is in danger of becoming extinct from lack of food.They often go many weeks without food and sometimes must travel 800 square miles to find a meal.

*The Arctic Wolf Roams In:*

*Russia* *Norway* *Sweden*
*Canada* *Greenland* *Denmark*
*Finland* *Iceland*

*Arctic Wolf Facts*

  1. Sub-species are canis lupus arctos,canis lupus bernardl-now extinct,canis lupus manningl
  2. arctic wolf is a subspecies of gray wolves.
  3. year round white or creme colored fur.
  4. small round ears & the nose is shorter from other wolves.
  5. height is usually 3 ft.high.
  6. generally 3--5 feet from nose to tail.
  7. full grown males weigh 75-140 pounds.
  8. females are smaller than the males.
  9. life span-no interference about 7 years in the wild and 17 years in captivity.
  10. birth weight is 1 pound.
  11. usually 2-4 pups from mid May-June.
  12. diet-caribou,musk,ox hares and lemings

*Arctic Wolf Population Status*

  1. Queen Elizabeth Island=200 white wolves
  2. Banks & Victoria Islands=1,100 artic wolves
  3. Bafflin Island=2,100 polar wolves
  4. Greenland=75 arctic wolves

For more information on wolves and the latest news on the Alaskan wolf kill plan,check out Wolves.



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