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This site is for mature audiences, (only). This site pertains to barbaric acts on wolves, (past and present). wolf facts, information, updates on Gray and Red wolves, the Mexican Gray Wolf, Ethiopian Wolf & Coyote Prairie Wolves. For population statistics on different species of wolves, click near the end of page on more facts.

The wolf has been one of the most mistreated animals in all of history. It's a never ending battle for these precious animals to try to survive.

In the past the wolf has been hunted, tortured and slaughtered out of fear and ignorance. In the present the torture goes on, so does the-ignorance.

~Wolf Torture & Slaughter~
The Past & Present

  • There were bounties put on the wolf.
  • Wolves were deliberately infected with a parasitic skin disease, to control the wolf population.
  • At one time wolves were burned alive.
  • Wolves were almost drove to extinction.
  • In the present, there are still illegal shootings of the wolves.
  • The gray wolf was removed from the Endangered Species list
    on May 4, 2009.
  • There are wolves who are shot legally, due to so called "damage control".
  • Shooting wolves from helicopters, has now become a new trend for Idaho & Montana.
  • A new sport: Chasing wolves with snow mobiles.
  • 600 wolves a year are killed by this so called legal sport.

Wow,That's A Real Manly Sport!

The wolves just want to live their life in peace. But in Canada, Alaska, Idaho & Montana the wolves cannot live a life of peace. These precious wolves fighting for their life every day.

Shooting wolves from airplanes, helicopters and snow mobiles are considered legal hunting in Canada with Alaska joining the club.

Alaska passed a 5 year aerial wolf kill plan from 2003 to present. With this plan, they chase the wolf by plane & or helicopters, when the wolf is exhausted from the chase, they land & shoot the exhausted wolf.

Or sometimes the wolf makes the fatal mistake of trying to run from planes & snow mobiles gets caught in the deep snow (unable to move) the hunters aim & shoot to kill. Either way it is not a fair sport at all.

The object of this idiotic plan in Alaska is to control the wolf population to boost the moose population.

Beam Me Up Scottie!

Many people of Alaska and elsewhere have voted against this plan, but as usual government officials are not hearing the voice of the people.

Just because some won't be satisfied until the wolf is just a memory & their howl never to be heard again.

*Updated Wolf News-From Around The World*

Idaho and Montana have now joined the brutal hunting of wolves by helicopter. It's reported there are about 1,000 wolves in Idaho. The wolf slaughter in Idaho, began on Sept.1, 2009. Their goal is to wipe out 220 wolves. Some report they want to get their wolf population down to 518 wolves.

With Montana following the bloody massacre on Sept.15,2009. As suspected, sad to say this is the outcome of removing the gray wolf from the Endangered Species list.

*Gray Wolf Populations*

The estimated population of all the gray wolves in the wild, in the U.S.A anywhere from 9,743 to 10,164 total. With 6,273 to 6,694 of that are in Alaska. These are old estimates for Alaska & Minnesota doesn't do yearly surveys.

It's been reported 7,500 wolves have been killed in the last 5 years.

For more facts on the Ethiopian, Mexican gray wolves & coyote prairie wolf visit:

Wolf Facts

*Red Wolf Facts (canis rufus)*

The most rarest of the wolves, were almost drove to total extinction. For more information visit:

Red Wolf Facts

*Extinct Wolves*

  • The North American Dire Wolf
  • The Falkland Island Wolf
  • The Newfoundland White Wolf.
  • In Japan, the Shamanu was eliminated.

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